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Great!!!! I want to add to this review since I have played my sax for a few weeks after he repaired it. I have lived in four states, 9 cities in the last 6 years or so. I move a lot. With this in mind, I have tried quite a few instrument repairs and Jim has been so far the absolute best. My saxophone plays better than it did when I first purchased it, and he did some magic to the keywork that makes it feel significantly better. I enjoy playing more, and my playing is better thanks to his work. I have paid more for less work before. I have also paid more for worse work. I am very happy with the results, and they are results I did not expect. I finally found a permanent repairman in Phoenix. He did a fantastic job! Absolutely recommended!! If you are looking for woodwind repair, look no more.

Esteban C.

Jim just did a over haul on my 62 Buescher. The work is flawless. Jim's craftsmanship is truly one of a kind. After this experience I will only be taking my sax to Jim.

S. R. Band

FINALLY a legitimate instrument repairman in Arizona!  I brought Jim my bassoon for an overhaul. His shop wasn't even open yet, but he let me in anyway.  It came back better than it has ever played before! Jim is a pro, and he seems VERY honest. He gave me options of what needed to be done immediately and what could probably wait. He didn't try to over-charge me or sell me things I didn't need. I had to drive all the way from Tempe, but that's nothing. I used to have to drive to LA to get this kind of work!

Laura G.

Recently drove up from Tucson to have Jim resurrect a vintage, mid-1920's Buescher True Tone alto saxophone in satin silver...He did a fantastic restoration! The horn had been stored for decades in its case and was heavily tarnished. Jim Germann cleaned it all up and helped this sax sing sweetly again. His overhaul and re-pad price was about half of what other repair shops quoted me, and he re-used all the original domed snaps and got the fork-Eb key operating correctly. Friendly and easy to work with! Professional jazz tenor saxophonist Brice Winston describes Jim Germann as an artist when it comes to saxophone repair. Now that I’ve seen and played my own horn after Jim reconditioned it, I’m also a big fan of his work and greatly admire his repair skills. My sax has an amazingly easy response and the key pad heights feel perfect under the fingers--intonation is spot on. Highly recommended to all serious saxophone players, and well worth a drive to northern Phoenix. I'll be back with more horns in the future...Five stars!!!

Ronald P.

"My highest recommendation goes to Jim! I couldn't have been more satisfied with his work on my Brannen flute, and I'm very particular about who handles my flute! I've shipped my flute across the country and nobody has done a better COA on my flute than Jim. He only took 7 days to complete the COA (faster than anyone I've had work on it both here in AZ and across the country) AND my flute played better than when I first bought it a year and a half ago! Jim does world-class work and is very down-to-earth and personable. He's the best woodwind repair technician in AZ hands down! I can't thank you enough Jim!

Chaz S.

Jim did an excellent job adjusting my Eb soprano flute. These instruments are like unicorns to begin with (difficult to find) and mechanically they're rarely better than a student-level flute. I was really impressed with the lighter "touch" Jim gave the instrument. I also brought him my alto flute to correct some pad leaks. He did really great work on that instrument, as well. It's a bit of a drive from Chandler, but I believe Woodwinds by Germann is worth the trip! Jim is honest, he stands behind his work and he doesn't charge exorbitant rates. If you've been holding off on getting your instrument repaired for fear of what you might get back, go see Jim Germann. You won't regret it.

Jeff M.

Jim brought my clarinet back to life! I've spent the past three months looking for someone to help with my poor clarinet. I even drove all the way down to Mesa. I guess this shop is brand new, because there's not much in it yet. Jim took ten minutes to look at my horn and knew exactly what was wrong. The next day, I had it back, good as new and with a very fair overhaul price."He was honest and didn't try to oversell me. He told me about all the different issues with my horn but told me what I needed to do now and what could wait. I'm very happy that I found this shop! I'll definitely be back when I need reeds, service, or if I decide to upgrade to a new clarinet.

Andrea L.

I don't trust many of the repairmen because I had bad experiences. I usually will ship my instruments to Chicago or San Francisco for repair, until Jim moved in to town! He's a wonderful musician besides a stunning repair guy. He worked on my Mark VI tenor saxophone, Dean Yang flute, and just did an overhaul on my Buffet clarinet. And the price is very reasonable.

Wen W.

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