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Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone

Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone #157xxx. Made in 1968. Seemingly original lacquer. No model is more sought after than the legendary Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone. Produced from 1954 to 1974, the Selmer Mark VI is considered by many to be the best saxophone ever made. $6100

Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone

Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone - Gorgeous instrument! - In great playing shape! - No need for any repairs at this time - Serial #177407 - Lacquer is original - Neck is original - Body is in excellent condition - no dents $3995

Selmer Model 22 Alto Saxophone

Selmer Model 22 Alto Saxophone #19xxx. The Model 22s were significantly different from American horns of this era. The keys were drop forged rather than cast, and the low bell keys (low B and Bb) were on one side of the bell. The key action was closer and lighter. Many have enjoyed the tone and feel of these horns. Own a piece of history! $2995

Steve Goodson Alto Saxophone

Steve Goodson Alto Saxophone Pristine condition. 2 necks with Roo pads. Includes the original wood case in excellent condition. Has had very few "playing hours" on it. Great playing horn. $1795

Selmer Baritone Saxophone

SOLD - Selmer Low Bb Baritone Saxophone Original Lacquer. #78xxx. Traditionally, Selmer has been regarded as ‘the best of the best’ and has provided the saxophone of choice for a large proportion of the greatest players throughout the years. $8995

Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxopone

SOLD - Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone #88xxx. Made in 1960. Not original lacquer. Will be repadded before sale. The Most Legendary Saxophone Ever Made! The Mark VI has achieved a legendary status amongst jazz aficionados and musicians. And it’s still the go-to horn for many professional players. Dexter Gordon, Joe Henderson, Benny Golson, and and even have all used Selmer Mark VI saxophones. $5595

Cannonball Tenor Saxophone

SOLD - Cannonball Tenor Saxophone - Raven Iced Black Nickel - Iced Black-Nickel Body with Polished Black-Nickel Keys. Stunning instrument that has been impeccably maintained. Good pitch throughout the instrument. Huge, resonant tone. A great value. Includes additional "fat" neck. Pads, corks, etc. all "like-new". Original case. Includes mouthpiece, cap, ligature, neck bag and end plug $2750

Yamaha alto saxophone for sale Phoenix

SOLD - Yamaha Alto Saxophone Model YAS-23 Excellent choice for a student. Features a gold lacquer body with durable key work. The intonation is excellent. Includes a mouthpiece and hard case. $595

Yamaha 875 Tenor Saxophone

SOLD - Yamaha 875 Tenor Saxophone -Mint condition - no lacquer wear or dents - Played very little - Darker and more complex than any other Yamaha tenor - Has a rich core to the sound - Nice medium-dark tone with excellent build quality and modern keywork, ergonomics & intonation - Good for for classical, legit, jazz, or rock $2895

Vito alto saxophone for sale Phoenix

SOLD - Vito Alto Saxophone Great alto for an entry level player or anyone looking for a good quality alto on a budget. This is a very clean alto saxophone in very good condition. It's ready to play. Nice brass lacquer finish. Comes with a mouthpiece and hard case. $750

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