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Characteristics: Verne Q. Powell Flute. Like all Powell flutes, this is one of the "gold standard" of the flute world for more than 80 years. It is has superior flexibility of color, ease of response and reliability.



  • Serial #35xx

  • B foot

  • French keys

  • Inline G

  • Handmade

  • Soldered tone holes

  • .014 wall thickness

  • Made between 1970 and 1971


Tone: Sweet, clear “Powell” sound

Condition: Head, body and pads all in excellent condition.


Verve Q. Powell Flute

Characteristics: Oston-Brannen Flute. This is a precursor of the Brannen Millennium flutes.



  • Solid sterling silver

  • Drawn tone holes

  • Open hole

  • Y-arms

  • B foot

  • Inline G

  • C# trill key

  • Pitch A=442


Tone: Bold sound throughout the registers. Easy to control.

Condition: Head, body and pads all in excellent condition.


Oston-Brannen Silver Flute


Haynes Q2 Classic Sterling Silver Flute. Wm. S. Haynes Company is deeply dedicated to the highest level of craftsmanship. They use old world skills in combination with forward thinking ideals to produce the most revered flutes in the world. When you play a Haynes flute, you know that you are playing a flute with a history of 130 years of mastery in flutemaking behind it. 



  • Sterling silver body and footjoint

  • Sterling Silver Haynes Classic headjoint with upgraded gold riser ($430 value) – from the Haynes Boston workshop

  • Drawn tone holes with soldered C# tone hole

  • Split E

  • C# trill key

  • Offset G key

  • B footjoint

  • Pitch Standard = A442

  • Straubinger pads

  • Pointed arms


Tone: This gorgeous flute has a rich, sonorous tone and plays with ease and grace.

Condition: Pristine – Just ONE year old!


SOLD - Haynes Q2 Classic Sterling Silver Flute

Characteristics: Pearl Elegante Professional Flute Model PF-795. The Elegante series has consistently been one of Pearl's best-selling instruments due to handmade workmanship, precise intonation, and a brilliant and projecting sound. For over a decade, the Elegante has provided countless flute players with unrivalled confidence.



  • Fully loaded!

  • Sterling silver

  • B foot

  • C# trill key

  • D# roller

  • Split E

  • French style keys

  • Gizmo key

  • White gold springs

  • French pointed arms

  • Offset G

  • Drawn tone holes

  • Wood case


Tone: This is a handmade flute with precise intonation and a brilliant, projecting sound. Solid


Condition: Body and pads are “like new”.


SOLD - Pearl Elegante Professional Flute Model PF-795

Characteristics: Haynes Commercial Model Closed Hole C Foot Flute. This flute is known for its perfect blend of simplicity and performance. Using a very standard “commercial” design, the Haynes Commercial flutes were only available as closed hole, C foot flutes.

Currently a closed hole, C foot flute is considered more in line with student flutes, but the Haynes Commercial flute models were still a higher end flute with craftsmanship and performance that is more in line with many professional flutes today.



  • Solid Silver Headjoint, Body & Keys

  • Drawn tone holes

  • Closed holes

  • Traditional pads

  • Offset G

  • .016'' standard wall

  • C footjoint

  • Handmade in USA



This simplistic design of the Haynes Commercial Flute combines with amazing tonal performance to offer a flute that is a favorite with professional woodwind doublers who want a great sounding, easy playing flute.


Condition: Has a few cosmetic imperfections but is in great condition overall.


Haynes Commercial Model Flute, Closed Hole

Characteristics: Pearl Quantz PF-665 Anniversary-Vigore Model with gold lip plate. The Quantz series flute with the Vigore option package bring elements of handmade professional flutes into the mid-range budget. It features Pearl's patented Pinless Mechanism, which has set an industry benchmark for smoothness and reliability. Coupled with Pearl's One-Piece Core-Bar Construction, there is no more dependable flute mechanism available.



  • Serial #A0028 

  • 3K gold lip plate

  • Silver plated body

  • .925 solid silver Largo headjoint

  • French pointed arms

  • C-sharp trill key

  • D-sharp roller


Tone: With its Largo headjoint, this flute offers a traditional response, with a melodious and sweet tone.


Condition: Excellent 


Pearl Quantz PF-665