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Restore your instrument to "like new" condition!

At some point in your instruments' life, it may require a complete overhaul. If you regularly maintain your instrument, replacing pads, corks, felts and shims when required, it shouldn't need an overhaul for many years. Instruments that have not been serviced at regular intervals or are older and have gotten a lot of use will also benefit from an overhaul. An overhaul will return your instrument to "like new" condition.

In-State & Out-Of-State Repairs Always Welcome!


Extensive experience overhauling all brands on instruments including but not limited to:

Student & Intermediate Flutes: Armstrong, Azumi, DiMedici, Emerson, Gemeinhardt, Jupiter, Pearl, Trevor James, Yamaha 

Professional Flutes: Abell, Altus, Brannen, Burkhart, Haynes, Miyazawa, Muramatsu, Nagahara, Pearl, Powell, Sanyko, Trevor James, Yamaha

A flute overhaul includes:

  • completely disassembling the instrument including unpinning the key mechanisms

  • chemically cleaning all keys and body tubes

  • removing any dents

  • re-fitting joint tenons

  • highly polishing all parts and the entire instrument

  • replacing all key corks, headjoint cork and felts

  • replacing all pads

  • shimming each pad for an even seal of the circumference

  • lubricating the mechanism with oil during the reassembly process

  • adjusting the mechanism for optimum performance

  • regulating key heights for an even scale and a free-blowing response

  • play testing


Student & Intermediate Clarinets: Buffet, Jean Paul, Mendini, Nuvo, Yamaha, and more!

Professional Clarinets: Amati, Backun, Buffet, Patricola, Selmer, Yamaha and more!


Student & Intermediate Saxophones: Amati, Bundy, Conn-Selmer, Fox, Jupiter, Keilwerth, Martin, Vito, Yamaha, and more!

Professional Saxophones: Cannonball, Selmer, Yamaha, Yanagisawa and more!


Student & Intermediate Double Reeds (Oboes & Bassoons): Bulgheroni, Jupiter, Schiller, Selmer, Yamaha, and more!

Professional Double Reeds (Oboes & Bassoons): Bulgheroni, Buffet, Fox, F. Loree, Yamaha, and more!

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