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SOLD - Linton English Horn

Linton English Horn - Serial #199xx - Full conservatory with left "F" - Linton was an American manufacturer of student woodwinds. They outsourced their English Horns Malerne, a French manufacturer who was noteworthy for their English horns. In the 1970's Malerne sold their business to Marigaux. So, this instrument is basically a Marlerne/Marigaux instrument. - Includes a specially-selected bocal - Protec double case SOLD

Loree Full Conservatory Professional

Loree Full Conservatory Professional Oboe - Level: Professional - Key: C - Body: Grenadilla - Bore: Standard - Key System: Full Conservatory - Trill Keys: Ab-Bb, G#-A, C-D and B-C# - Special Features: Forked F and Low Bb resonance keys, Left Hand F - Crafted In: France Considered to be the finest oboes in the world, the Loree oboes produce a beautiful tone that is even in scale and fits any performance situation. SOLD

Fossati Tiery Oboe Model E30

Fossati Tiery Oboe Model E30 #12xxx This instrument is the best-seller Tiery oboe worldwide. Thanks to its reliability, sound,smoothness and its full system, your playing style will not be limited in any way. Perfect for advanced students and semi-professional players! The Tiery E30 has become a worldwide reference for advanced student models because every element of its design has been studied to favour the playing easiness, sound quality. Plastic Upper Joint, Wooden Lower Joint and Bell SOLD

LeBlanc 186S Full Conservatory Oboe

LeBlanc 186S Full Conservatory Oboe with Left F - Made between 1990 - 1999 - Grenadilla wood - Silver-plated plateau keys - Auxiliary F lever - Excellent condition! $2295

Yamaha Student Oboe Model 211

Yamaha Student Oboe Model 211 Excellent durable oboe designed for the beginning student. Newly designed, highly polished bore, excellent intonation, tonal balance and resistance, undercut tone holes. Smooth, even response and intonation. Nickel-silver bell ring. $795

Cabart Full Conservatory English Hor

SOLD - Rare Cabart Full Conservatory English Horn with left F and low B resonance Grenadilla wood. A beautiful instrument. Includes double case for Oboe and English Horn.

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