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Verne Q. Powell Grenadilla Wood Piccolo


VQ Powell piccolo for sale Phoenix3.png

Characteristics: Powell Piccolo. Powell piccolos are known for depth and richness. Their dark sound blends effortlessly with the other members of the woodwind family, as well as the most ethereal upper string section sound.



  • Serial #39xxx

  • Grenadilla wood

  • Sterling silver mechanism

  • Made in 1973

  • Additional custom, handmade headjoint by Roy Seaman


Tone: This instrument plays with a sweet sound and a consistent timbre throughout the ranges.

Condition: Head, body and pads all in excellent condition.

Burkart-Phelan Grenadilla Wood Piccolo


Burkart Phelan piccolo for sale Phoenix3


Burkart-Phalen Piccolo. This is an exceptional, high quality instrument. It has an easy to produce high register and excellent resonance and articulation in the low register. The delicate balance of the spring tension provides comfort and technical facility for players with either large or small hands.



  • Aged Grenadilla wood (head and body)

  • Sterling silver keys

  • Undercut toneholes


Tone: Sweet, pure sound throughout all registers.

Condition: No cracks or chips in the body or head. Pads in good condition.

Roy Seaman Professional LTD Piccolo


Seaman piccolo LTD for sale Phoenix4.png


Roy Seaman Professional LTD Piccolo. Designed by master piccolo craftsman, Roy Seaman, the Roy Seaman Ltd. has for decades been a leading choice among professional musicians. Featuring the highly praised Seaman scale, the Roy Seaman Ltd. is easily playable with accurate pitch and consistent response.



  • Serial #49xx

  • Grenadilla wood

  • Sterling silver keys and mechanism



Beautiful and uncommonly warm tone



Instrument and pads in excellent condition

Yamaha Grenadilla Wood Piccolo YPC-61


Yamaha YPC-61 piccolo for Sale Phoenix.p


Yamaha Piccolo YPC-61. Yamaha's professional model piccolo. Perfect for the advancing player. No cracks or damage.



  • Serial #32xx

  • Granadilla wood body and headjoint

  • Silver plated keys

  • Yamaha french case and zippered case cover



Nice sound low to high with warm. Woody, warm tone.


Pads and corks are in excellent condition.

Artley Grenadilla Wood Piccolo - Body by Roy Seaman


Artley piccolo for sale Phoenix3.png


Artely Piccolo - Body by Roy Seaman. Very fine workmanship of the body, having been produced by Roy Seaman.



  • Grenadilla wood body and headjoint

  • Silver plated keys

  • Made in the U.S.



Rich, warm tone.


Wood and pads in good condition.

Gemeinhardt Grenadilla Wood Piccolo w/ 2 head joints


Gemeinhardt piccolo wood silver head for

Characteristics: Gemeinhardt Grenadilla Wood Piccolo with 2 Head Joints. Excellent student instrument for concert band or orchestra. Easy to play and control.



  • Serial #17XX

  • Wood Piccolo Model CW

  • Both Silver & Wood Headjoints.


Tone: Bold sound throughout the registers.

Condition: Head, body and pads all in good condition.

Yamaha Resin Piccolo YPC-32


Yamaha plastic piccolo YPC-32-2.png


Yamaha Resin Piccolo YPC-32. Popular with students as well as doublers, this student piccolo is easy to play and is constructed from sturdy, maintenance-free ABS resin to deliver a sound similar to that of natural wood. Accurate intonation helps students develop a good ear, and easy playability and ergonomic key structure promotes proper technique. It is very durable with a silver-plated headjoint, and silver-plated keys that resist wear from the band room to the marching field. Stainless steel springs and double bladder pads extend the life of the instrument to withstand years of use.



  • Serial #491XX

  • Silver-plated nickel silver headjoint

  • ABS resin body



This is a handmade flute with precise intonation and a brilliant, projecting sound. Solid



Body and pads are “like new”.

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