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All Prices Subject To Change.

Selmer Paris Model 40 Rosewood Contr

Selmer Paris Model 40 Rosewood Contra-Alto Clarinet - Key of Eb - 25.10mm bore - Range down to low Eb - Boehm system - 18 keys/7 rings - Articulated G# - Eb lever - Automatic octave key - Nickel-plated neck adjustable for tuning - Nickel-plated bell - Brazilian rosewood body - Adjustable stand - Silver-plated nickel silver keywork - Leather pads with metal resonators - Stainless steel needle springs SOLD

Selmer bass clarinet for sale Phoenix

Selmer Bass Clarinet Model 32 Serial #F62xx Range to low Eb. Has articulated G# and left hand Eb trill key. Tunable neck and bell mount floor peg. Made in France. SOLD

Buffet R13 Eb Clarinet for sale Phoenix

Buffet R13 Professional Eb Clarinet The Buffet R13 clarinet has a 40-year history of quality & craftsmanship. It is the benchmark in clarinet manufacturing. The R13's 3-step polycyndrical bore is noted for its dark, full sound. - Serial #434xxx - Hand Selected Grenadilla Body - Polycylindrical Bore - Undercut Tone Holes - Double Skin Pads - Blue Steel Springs $3995

Selmer Paris Model 22 Alto Clarinet

Selmer Paris Model 22 Alto Clarinet Serial #PO66xx This is a more recent edition w/ silver plated neck, keys and bell. Two piece grenadilla body. Selmer peg. Features a rich tone, great scale and incredible projection. With a range to low Eb, this clarinet will fit easily into any professional section. Bore: .668" $3850

Buffet Crampon R13 Profess

Buffet Crampon R13 Professional A Clarinet w/Double Case The R13 clarinet is the legendary choice for professional musicians. Musicians are charmed by its rich and focused sound, its power in all registers and its flexibility. The R13 is suitable for all types of musicians. It is made of beautiful grenadilla wood, has an adjustable thumb rest & double fish skin pads. 17 keys & 6 rings. Poly-cylindrical bore. $3795

Selmer Recital Bb Clarinet with 2 Ba

Selmer Recital Bb Clarinet with 2 Barrels Perfect for players who desire a rich, dark sound. Excellent instrument for chamber music with its small bore (.565") and thick walls. Provides a remarkably in tune, focused, and dark tone. - Level: Professional - Body, Barrel, and Bell Material: Grenadilla - Key Material: Silver-plate - Key System: Boehm (French) / 17 keys - Special Keys: Left-hand Eb lever - Bore Size: .565" Barrel Size: 64.5mm and 62.5mm $3350

Selmer (Paris) Odysse "A" Clarinet

Selmer (Paris) Odyssee "A" Clarinet Serial #PO30XX This is a great professional instrument that features a bright, round tone, excellent intonation, and homogeneous tone color. .571" bore, grenadilla wood body, undercut toneholes, 17 silver-plated keys and 6 silver-plated rings. $3095

Selmer St

Selmer St. Louis Professional Bb Clarinet with 2 Barrels Celebrating 100 years of clarinet making excellence, the Selmer Paris Saint Louis Anniversary clarinet is designed specifically for the artist. Made of select grenadilla wood, the Selmer Saint Louis clarinet is an extremely free blowing and flexible clarinet. The sensitive key work features silver plated keys & gold posts and & alternate Eb/Ab lever. Special edition case. Barrel Size: 66.5mm and 64.5mm. SOLD

LeBlanc Concerto II Bb Clarinet w/ 2

LeBlanc Concerto II Bb Clarinet w/ 2 Barrels - Rich, Expressive Tone - Grenadilla wood body - Silver-plated keys - Polycylindrical / 0.575" - 14.61mm bore - Grenadilla / Cylindrical - Boehm (French) key system with 17 Keys - Undercut toneholes - Skin pads - Blue steel springs - Grenadilla w/ ring bell - Made in France $2650

Buffet RC Professional Bb Clarinet w

Buffet RC Professional Bb Clarinet with Warm, Centered Tone The overall intonation of the instrument has been reviewed & enhanced to better adapt to the increasing demands of the musician. Its warm, centered tone, projection, & its improved evenness of response and intonation will give pure satisfaction to musicians aspiring to a professional level or wanting to play the top of the line. Stained Grenadilla wood (Dalbergia Melanoxylon). This instrument has the left hand Ab/Eb key. $2495

Selmer 10S II Bb Clarinet

Lively, Easy-to-Play Selmer 10S II Bb Clarinet - Grenadilla wood body, cut from a single piece of wood so ensure both joints match as much as possible to help achieve a excellent sound. - .563 bore, which is similar to some of Selmer's most successful clarinets. - Silver plated keys - Under cut tone holes for that professional feel and sound $2395

Buffet S1 Bb Clarinet

Buffet S1 Bb Clarinet The S1 was produced to create a darker, more focused sounding clarinet than the R-13. Manufactured between 1970-85 & have the bore design similar to that of the early buffet clarinet, pre-R13. It has a singing upper register and good control at all dynamic levels. Plays effortlessly with a characteristically sweet, smooth Buffet sound. The wood shows no cracks. Keywork is in good condition. Ideal for the advanced, professional or doubler. $2195

Selmer Odyssee Clarinet for sale Phoenix

Selmer Odyssee Bb Clarinet - Open, dark, focused sound - Smooth action - .571" bore - Grenadilla wood body - Undercut toneholes - 17 silver-plated keys and 6 silver-plated rings - Silver-plated keys -No-slip feel - Adjustable thumb rests for comfort SOLD

Noblet c_edited

LeBlanc (Noblet) C Clarinet Characteristics: Fantastic clarinet perfect for orchestral use.  Serial: #A975xx Tone: Intonation is excellent Condition: All pads seal well SOLD

Rare LeBlanc L70 Professional Bb Cla

Rare LeBlanc L70 Professional Bb Clarinet Leblanc's clarinets have always maintained an enviable standard of excellence of mechanical design, workmanship, and finish. The basic cylinder of the L70 in B-flat is essentially the 14.57 mm size chosen by Buffet in 1959 and Selmer in 1966. The intonation is excellent throughout the entire scale. The c#-g#-high f vent is well located (lower and larger). This instrument is in fabulous condition. $1595

LeBlanc Rapsodie Intermediate Bb Cla

LeBlanc Rapsodie Intermediate Bb Clarinet The Leblanc Rapsodie Bb Intermediate Clarinet is known for its seamless response, consistent tone color and even wind resistance throughout all of its registers. - Aged grenadilla wood body - Silver-plated keys - Polycylindrical bore design similar to that found on Leblanc's top-line artist models $1495

Buffet Bass Clarinet

SOLD - Buffet Bass Clarinet Prestige Model To low Eb

Selmer Eb Clarinet

SOLD - Selmer Paris Eb Clarinet Model E16, Serial #X26xx Selmer Paris has a long history of creating the highest quality professional clarinets. The E16 Selmer Paris professional Eb clarinet is known for its beautiful sound, even scale and incredible intonation thanks to its unique bore design. Grenadilla wood with silver-plated nickel mechanism & keysDark, sweet sound. 526" Bore

Yamaha 681-II Eb Clarinet

SOLD - Yamaha 681-II Professional Eb Clarinet The YCL-681-II is a top quality professional instrument ideal for an advanced player looking for an entry level professional EB to perform in orchestras, concert bands or clarinet choirs. One-piece grenadilla wood body: Resistant to temperature and humidity fluctuations Tapered tone holes with hand-tapered undercut: Each tone hole is individually hand-tapered and undercut for optimum tone quality, intonation, and uniform response.

Artley Prelude Clarinet

SOLD - Artley Prelude Clarinet Quality student clarinet with nickel plated keys. Simulated wood. Has a strong, resonant tone. Completely overhauled in our shop using quality materials. Great investment for a serious student. This quality instrument will retain its value.

Antigua Bb Clarinet

SOLD - Antigua Bb Clarinet. #220x Perfect for the beginning clarinet player. Precision molded ABS resin body with brushed finish .577” bore. Powerforged nickel-silver keys with nickel plated finish. This revolutionary new line of instruments is specifically designed to meet the demands of first time students. Only the finest materials from Japan, Europe and the United States are used to craft these instruments.

Noblet C Clarinet

SOLD - Noblet C Clarinet #B79xxx Made by Leblanc. No cracks or repairs in the Grenadilla wood. Hand-selected by the owner and overhauled in Paris at the time of purchase by current owner. Plays well with a bright, rich sound. Intonation is excellent. Beautiful quality wood and nickel plated keys. All pads seal perfectly. Ideal for orchestral use. Original Noblet case in great condition.

Buffet Bb Clarinet R13

SOLD - Buffet Bb Clarinet R13 #508xxx The most popular professional clarinet in the world! Stained Grenadilla wood with silver plated keys. The pads and corks are in good condition, and the instrument is also in very good playable condition. The pads don't have a new look to them, but they cover well. The tone is focused, rich, and powerful in all registers. Great deal on this professional instrument! $2595

Noblet C Clarinet

SOLD - Noblet C Clarinet Grenadilla Wood. This Noblet clarinet is made by Leblanc. The instrument has no cracks or repairs. The Nickel plating is in very good condition. All pads are sealing well.

LeBlanc LL D Clarinet

SOLD - LeBlanc LL D Clarinet You now have the opportunity to own this rare, beautiful D clarinet, pitched a minor second below the Eb clarinet. Many of the most famous Eb Clarinet parts in the orchestral literature are actually for the D Clarinet. The sound of the D Clarinet is somewhat sweeter than the E-flat. It is the original size of clarinet from the Baroque Era. There are no cracks or chips in the instrument. Grenadilla wood with silver plated keys.

LeBlanc Alto Clarinet

SOLD - Leblanc Paris Alto Clarinet Serial number 564x. Grenadilla Wood. Bore size .709. Nice, open tone. Even scale. Strong projection in low register. No cracks or signs of repaired cracks. No sign of major repairs. The pads appear to have been replaced recently. Adjustments are excellent.

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